Networks, markets and the Pacific rim : studies in strategy.

Networks, markets and the Pacific rim : studies in strategy. - edited by W. Mark Fruin. - x, 326 páginas : gráficas ; 24 cm. - Japan business and economic series .

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Analyzing Pacific rim networks and markets: an introduction / W. Mark Fruin -- Unbroken ties: comparing personal business networks cross-nationally / Howard E. Aldrich and Tomoaki Sankano
-- Entrepreneurial networking organizations: cases, taxonomy, and paradoxes / Toshihiro Kanai -- The "Embedded broker" state: social networks and political organization in Japan / Jeffrey Broadbent and Yoshito Ishio -- Trust and commitment as alternative responses to social uncertainty / Toshio Yamagishi and Midori Yamagishi -- The work of networks in Taiwan's export fashion shoe industry / You-tein Hsing -- Education as a source of network, signal, or nepotism: managers and engineers during Japan's industrial development / Hiroyuki Odagiri -- Making things clique: cartels, coalitions, and institutional structure in the Tsukiji wholesale seafood market / Theodore C. Bester -- Patterns of Asia network capitalism: the case of Taiwan and South Korea / Gary G. Hamilton -- Japanese corporate boards and the role of bank directors / Paul Sheard -- To sue or Keiretsu: a comparison of partnering in the United States and Japan / Jeffrey H. Dyer -- Governance, managed competition, and network organization at a Toshiba Factory / W. Mark Fruin -- The limits of autarky: regional networks and industrial adaptation in Silicon Valley and Route 128 / AnnaLee Saxenian -- Structural analysis of Japanese economic organization: a conceptural framework / Michael L. Gerlach and James R. Lincoln.


Redes de negocios--Japón
Redes empresariales--Japón--Estudio de casos
Redes de negocios--Asia Oriental
Redes empresariales--Asia Oriental--Estudio de casos

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